nezisková organizace
"Budoucnost začíná Tebou"

Who we are


Žen-sen is a non for profit organisation that associates professionals from various fields of adult education. Its main aim is to evolve and run programs that are based on combining mental, emotional, physical and spiritual intelligence. Main target group are parents, families and women of all ages. One of the first activity was a parental center in Lázně Bělohrad, which has recently transformed its activities in a separate organisation. Now we create several educational programs that we offer in Czech Republic and Europe. One of the program is experiential education for families as we see a need in working with this target group. The other is cultural 3 days festival of theatre, music and activities for families. We also organize other events (cultural, educational, sports and etc.) in local communities.

From the start, our organisation, Zen-sen, has been offering a variety of programmes for parents and families, aiming to support them in strenghtening their relationships and equipping parents with non-violent tools to raise their children.


The organisation is currently formed by 4 professionals:

Blanka Junova: http://zen-sen.org/blanka-junova/

blankaA freelancer (coach, trainer, consultant) presented by trademark “Cesta Jedinecnosti” (The way of uniqueness,www.cestajedinecnosti.cz). She is working with individuals and groups by combining various methods toward their inner wisdom and uniqueness. She is a certified professional coach and BG5 Human Design consultant. She is also a specialist for work-life balance (wrote two books on this topic), diversity and communication.

Hanka Havlova

Phankaesso-Boyden therapist, consultant and trainer of Emotional Intelligence and Enneagram, NLP trainer, coach, lecturer, facilitator of MAITRI breathwork ®. She is leading Summer Camps within our organisation.


Hana Ruzickova

Dparisrama and art therapist, working with children in a private school. She is doing all activities regarding art and drama, especially with children on summer camps. In her work also uses experiential learning, method appreciative inquiry a development of strengths. She dedicated to the Theatre of the Oppressed.


Vera Liskova

Everkavent organiser and art decoration of interiors. She is organising cultural and other events, local and the main summer festival.