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"Budoucnost začíná Tebou"

Our previous projects

Dance, emotional intelligence and communication 

International projects of Žen-Sen or of our membersInternational project TEK. Research of consequences in 3 basic level of intelligence, their interaction and searching for instruments of integration into common life to increase life´s quality. (ŽEN-SEN 2010, LPP Grundtvig)

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Video of the best start of international projects

Parents in the wood

OUTDOOR PARENT EDUCATION for parents and educators. Czech part: PBSP - How people became themselves, (ŽEN-SEN 2011 – 2013, LPP Grundtvig partnership)

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Soft skils – Empowered Parents.

Czech parts: Emotions as a source of energy and success + Emotional Intelligence – Horsing by Hanka Havlová)  (VEVA CZ 2013 – 2015, LPP Grundtvig partnership) 

What we created being inspired by these projects

  1. Summer Camps KINGDOM: Unique programs for families in the castle
  2. Brochure: "Mama & Papa Time - A powerful technique for family life and relationships"