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"Budoucnost začíná Tebou"

Our future projects

DušeKraj (Kingdom of the Soul)

15th – 16th August 2016

Foto: Tomáš Zeman

Foto: Tomáš Zeman

Two-days happening for families, astonishing by Žen-Sen.  Concerts, performances, workshops, lectures  for public in the baroque castle Kuks. 

Evening performance of  Jaroslav Dušek - Four Agreements, Fifth Agreement.

Kingdom of the soul shares a common vision with The Summer Camps Kingdom:

Children are the only ones who can carry the future. Our responsibility is to provide them enough space for their everyday life so they are self confident, creative, happy to live and have their inside freedom and responsibility to decide in a way so the people´s lives and the planet could last longer.

New international project

We are preparing a new international project in these days...